Are you having trouble with your home ceiling fan? Is it a Casablanca? Well if it is you are in luck! Casablanca Ceiling Fans are the world’s finest ceiling fans. There quality of their designs make them to longest lasting fans on the market today, however, from time to time like any good car, they require maintenance. This maintenance is usually prompted by wear-n-tear of some of the fan’s most vital components which can be replaced.

My name is Scott and if you are having trouble with your Casablanca Fan, you have found the right place. I’ve been repairing Casablanca Fans in the Greater Sacramento Area for over 10 years and know them inside and out. Instead of paying for an expesive electrician, you could hire me at discounted rate. I will aso guarantee my work for 1 year!

To schedule an appointment you can call (916) 743-2859 or via email at [email protected]