Flywheel Repair

Most repairs on the flywheel require more time to complete. First the fan needs to be taken down, which includes removing the blades and the light kit. Then disasembling the housing to reveal the flywheel. Which a special tool, supplied to authorized service centers, the flywheel is removed from the motor. This job usually take about 30-45 min.

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When replacing the electronics you will need to match the electronics with the motor or PC Board that is being replaced. This Technical Bulletin will help in the identification of the motor run capacitors on the different PC boards. Because of the different motors Casablanca has used over the years, it’s very important that you match the correct PC board with the right motor. By using the wrong board, the run capacitor on the board will make the motor run hot. At the time you are replacing a motor or PC board you must look at the run capacitors and match the values, either being 9mfd, 10mfd or 11mfd. The following information will help you locate and identify motor run capacitors on the different PC boards. run capacitors on the different PC boards. This job usually takes 20-30 min.

To schedule an appointment you can contact Scott:
Phone (916) 743-2859
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How much does it normally cost?

  • Flywheel Repair: $155 total
  • Circuit Board Repair: $255 total
  • Fan Installations: $100 Labor (Max 12ft Ceiling)
  • 3 Speed Pull Chain Repair: $100 Labor (Parts Pricing Varies)
  • My service is guaranteed for 1 Year. This includes labor, travel, and parts. I am so confident in my knowledge of these fans that I know they will continue to work in the future.

How long will it take to fix my fan?

It depends on the complexity of the problem with your ceiling fan.

Is my fan under warranty?

* IN-HOME SERVICE: Casablanca offers in-home service WHERE AVAILABLE as follows:

Within the first 120 days, Casablanca will send a field service representative to repair or replace the part or parts deemed to be defective from the factory, including blades, light kits and glass. Most service center contracts cover up to a 30 mile radius from their place of business. Casablanca will not cover repairs caused by improper installation. After the 120 day period, the Consumer will be charged for the service call and labor. Casablanca will pay for all defective parts through the duration of the parts warranty. Note: Service Centers are required to submit a Proof of Purchase with each warranty claim. The Consumer must provide a copy of the Proof of Purchase at the time of service. If no in-home service is available, the consumer may send an in-warranty fan to Casablanca Fan Company, Pomona, California for repair. The fan must be packaged properly, shipped and include a copy of the Proof of Purchase. The fan will be repaired and returned at no charge to the consumer, freight prepaid.

To schedule an appointment you can call Scot at (916) 743-2859 or via email at [email protected]